Friends of Labatt Park

18b61f8c887749527b0bbe1e3fcce6d1The Friends of Labatt Park is a grassroots, non-profit group that is comprised of volunteers who are dedicated to “promoting and enhancing Labatt Park in London, Ontario, Canada, as the world’s oldest baseball grounds in continuous use in its original location since 1877.”

Founded in 1993, they continue to exist today with Barry Wells at the helm. Their accomplishments include having the ballpark designated as a historic site until Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act, later having the Roy McKay Clubhouse added to this distinction. In addition, The Friends of Labatt Park have also helped to raise money for a new roof on the Roy McKay Clubhouse, and in 2006 they were successful in having Labatt Park included in a “Times of Greatness” calendar by Roadway Express – a calendar showcasing sites important to the history of the Negro Leagues.

contact information

Barry Wells (founder)
408-190 Cherryhill Circle
London, ON N6H 2M3